A Year To Remember!

Gap2Gap Training officially opened its doors April 21, 2023, and since then we have met so many wonderful families and great baseball and softball players! 

We have had an amazing experience coaching, laughing, hanging out with, and getting to know the players that have come into G2G. Just knowing that what we do makes a difference to the players and their families brings us a sense of appreciation for why we created the Gap2Gap Training concept…there is a gap in the development of our young ball players and G2G is here to help bring some new perspectives and a whole a lot of fun to the sport. 

As we think back about our first eight months, we reflect upon some of the memorable experiences with each person that has walked through our doors… 

Important Cycle member taking some hacks

  • The Fiorenzas who have been regulars from the beginning…and even brought us Christmas cookies for the holidays.
  • The McClouds who have had the whole family here for Fungo Nights. As staff, we are excited about how much Brooks has improved over the past few months!
  • Huy, who’s been in every night getting better and better. He even hung out with us during the cleanup of the Pumpkin Bash. 
  • Patty and Delaney get a grand entrance every time they come in for D’s weekly lesson. 
  • Skyler, G2G’s most talented actor who stars in a lot of our promotional videos. 
  • Penelope, who has improved so much since working with Rachel (who welcomed her first born in December), despite her still not being able to tell Mark and Matt apart even though they caught all of her lessons…haha.
  • Braylin and Grace are the most committed mother and son duo, and hold the record for most pumpkins bashed. 
  • Tessa, the hardest working player in the facility, who can lift more weight than all of the boys. 
  • Harry, who calls us on his new phone to make sure we’re doing Fungo Nights and brings Matt his fungo right at 7pm — no earlier and no later. 
  • Marc Garcia (father and son duo), our first member and a consistent attendee for Fungo Nights. 
  • Hagen, who plays the PS5 more than using the cages…haha…so much that we have a gaming chair dedicated to him. 
  • The Cronk family, the brothers who have been working with Matt and Mark to improve their overall skills, and the parents that have helped spread the word about  G2G to more ballplayers in the community. 
  • Dom Connelly (The Big Dogg), who can take a razzing from us and is a great role model for the younger Wildcats. 
  • The Dempsy’s, a great family we love working with on the bump and in The Show Room.

And while we can’t name everyone, it’s been a memorable and very fulfilling year for all of us at Gap2Gap. We can’t wait to see you in the new year as we will all continue to Live In The Gaps. 

The G2G Team