A young ballplayer learning the game
A parent learning baseball
High school ballplayer
Mature player

Why Come to Gap2Gap?

G2G is a unique and comfortable space for all players’ goals, regardless of ability and age. Our belief is in building a community of ballplayers that have an interest in all aspects of the game.

We all have a passion to learn and get better no matter who we are:

  • A young ballplayer learning the game — we can teach you the foundational skills you need to learn and truly enjoy the game.
  • A parent who doesn’t know too much about baseball or softball — we can help your child discover the game and at the same time, give you suggestions on how to help your child at home. We are all learning the game.
  • High school ballplayers — we provide a place to improve your skills and play games with your friends and teammates. Whether a field goal hitting tournament, seeing who has the highest exit velocity, or playing Play Station’s MLB: The Show. G2G is the place to spend your free time off the field.
  • More mature players who still enjoy playing the game — stop in and practice or get warmed up before your game. And don’t worry, if you need help remembering a few how-to’s, we can give you a few tips and tricks to get you right back where you left off.

A Different Way to Think About It!

Batting cage rentals are probably the most multi-use tool in baseball and softball. At G2G, our batting cages can be used for pitching, catching, fielding and hitting lessons.

You can even work on pickle drills, baserunning, pickoffs and double plays. We are more than happy to help you configure your time in our batting cages, with different scheduling options available.

Grab your friends and have fun playing ball!

  • Split your group into teams and enjoy hitting and throwing contests.
  • Use our virtual reality headsets to take your game to the next level.
  • Hit or throw to targets to see who is faster and more accurate.
  • Ever wonder how fast you throw? Use our speed gun and wind up and let it fly! Crow hop if you like.
  • Use our Show Room to play MLB: The Show, listen to music, watch YouTube bloopers or get serious and have team meetings.
  • Use our pitching machines to get warmed up for your game or get some extra work in.
    At any time you can pull a flag down and one of our staff members will stop by and give you advice to improve your swing, technique or just talk about the game.
  • Attend our weekly events — Fungo Nights, Live Arm Nights, Little League Warm Ups, free seminars for first timers and more.