Video Submission – Tips & Tricks

Submit a video of yourself or your child hitting to our coaching staff and get immediate feedback.


  • You know you are always taking videos at games or practices. What do you do with those videos? Send them to G2G Tips & Tricks for some perspective from coaches that have seen it all. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes to help tighten your techniques.
  • It’s EASY! Just fill out the contact form, attach your video and we’ll respond with 2-3 Tips & Tricks to try. You’ll be ready to go for the next game or practice.
  • Try It Out! Now, you can have a virtual coach by your side to improve your game. It’s only $19.99 per video submission.

Accepted file types: mov, mp4, Max. file size: 20 MB.
* Please see information below for examples of Good and Bad videos.
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Guidelines for Video Submissions

Good example
Good Examples
  • Get close up to the fence – do not have the fence in the image if you can help it
  • Make sure you show the whole body of the batter
  • If a righty, take the video from the first base line – if lefty, take it from the third base line
  • Shoot it as if the batter is facing you
  • Less than 20 seconds would be ideal
  • Make sure that you are sending video of the batter swinging and not just standing in the box
Bad example
Bad Examples
  • Don’t take the video from behind home plate
  • Don’t try to get the pitcher in focus
  • Don’t take the video from the stands, beyond the dugouts or from the outfield
  • If you think the batter is having a problem with one part of their body/swing, don’t just do a close up on certain body parts
  • Don’t take the video from the batter’s back
  • Do not take a video of 5-6 swings or pitches
Disclaimer: Gap2Gap Training (G2G) will do everything in our power to provide you Tips & Tricks based on the quality of video that is provided. Blurry, too close-up, or bad angles will impact the feedback that G2G can provide.