Batting Cage Rentals


Batting cage rentals are probably the most multiuse tool in Baseball and Softball. Our batting cages can be used for pitching, catching and hitting lessons. They can be used for infield drills and even different contests and games when available. We are more than happy to help you configure your time in the desired batting cages, with different scheduling options available. Membership pricing does not apply to team cage rental pricing.

Cage Time

Grand Slam Member

Home Run Member


30 Minutes




60 Minutes




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Live Arm

Grab a G2G staff member and we will throw batting practice to you. Sometimes a good batting practice pitcher is hard to come by but our rotation is full of them.

Birthday Parties and Group Events

Grab your friends and have a little fun playing ball

Gaming options:

  • Spilt your group up into teams and have a decathlon of fun hitting and throwing events
  • Target practice – test your skills? Hit or throw to targets and see who is faster and more accurate
  • Speed gun – ever wonder how fast you throw? Wind up and let it fly. Crow-hop if you like.

The Show Room will be set up for your friends to go to play MLB The Show listen to music, watch YouTube baseball and softball bloopers, eat and drink…be merry for tomorrow might be school.

Birthday Party (2 hours/1 cage/The Show room/host/games)

Group Events


Batting Cage – Machine Pitch

Need some quick rounds to get warmed up for your game or to just want to get some extra work in? Stop by and take some hacks off our pitching machines. At any time, you can pull the flag down and one of our staff members will stop by and give you some advice to improve your swing.

Grand Slam Member

Home Run Member


Tokens (1 token = 15 pitches)

FREE - 20 per day

FREE - 10 per day

$1 per token or $10 for 12 tokens

Cage Rental - 30 Minutes




Cage Rental - 60 minutes




​Cycle Members receive unlimited tokens with their membership


Yes, we have a pickleball court at Gap2Gap. Get out of the cold and practice pickleball indoors.

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