G2G is a baseball and softball training facility.

It’s the home for ballplayers to not only enhance their skills on the diamond, but to connect with a community that shares the same passion – To Play Ball!


Fungo Nights 

Too cold for ground balls outside?  Come indoors for the winter.
Drop in for Fungo Nights @ G2G. Three days per week we will be here hosting two-hour sessions where you can drop in and take quality ground balls from a G2G staff member on the open turf.

Stay for 20 minutes or the full two hours.



Need a Flexible, Personalized Program for the Fall?

– With the Fall Tune Up you can customize your training schedule to meet your personal schedule.

Want to Get Some Live Batting Practice?

– For only $10 more after your cage rental you can grab a G2G Coach and we will throw you consistent strikes.



Looking For an After School Program?

– G2G is introducing an After School Program starting August 28th. For After School @ G2G we decided to take everything that made the Summer so great and continue it throughout the end of the year.

Want to be able to Just Have Fun and Enjoy Gap2Gap with Friends and Family?

– With the Cycle Membership, when space is available, you can take ground balls on the open turf, jump in and out of cages, or make use of your unlimited tokens at no extra cost. Whatever isn’t reserved is yours to use.



Want to Celebrate a Birthday or your Team?

– G2G hosts events for all sorts of occasions. When you bring your group in, we will organize a pentathlon of events for you to compete against each other.

Just Want to Hop in and Get Some Rounds on the Pitching Machine?

– G2G has two baseball and softball pitching machines with selectable speed and trajectory. No reservation needed.


Who We Are

G2G is more than JUST a batting cage…

It’s a community committed to the growth of you as a ballplayer. The entire facility is geared to elevate a ballplayer’s hitting, throwing and fielding skills – both from a physical and mental standpoint.

We offer continual virtual Tips & Tricks videos, live chats, in-person coaching, free first-timer training, batting cage rentals, hitting machines, virtual reality games, hitting tournaments and party facilities. The Show Room will be available to watch live games, meet with your team or play Play Station’s MLB: The Show.

Latest News

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Perspective can help you improve your skills both mentally and physically.
Check out some of the latest thinking from a community of passionate ballplayers.

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