Do you know what a FUNGO is?

Where it came from? 

To start, the word “fungo” has a lot of theories of where it originated from. They say it might have originated from a lot of different languages with different means. It has never really been agreed upon but it lends itself to a good, fun debate for sure.. The only fact that stands is that the word FUNGO can be dated back to 1886. 

What is it ?

If you play baseball/softball then you probably have heard of a fungo bat or even have tried to swing one yourself. The simple definition for one is a long, skinny and lightweight bat used for defensive practice; which isn’t wrong but doesn’t tell the full picture either. When looking more into the specs of a fungo bat they are usually found between 34-37 inches long and weighing anywhere between 17-24 ounces. While most bats feature the same 2 ½ inch barrel, the bat itself acts as a utility, to aid the team and develop one’s skill, allowing coaches to more easily hit ground balls and fly balls for their team.


When to use it and when to not ?

Fungo bats are strictly used for fielding practice balls; you wouldn’t see any player, at any level, use it in a real game as it would probably break after only a few swings. This is largely due to the fact of the bats’ makeup. As mentioned before, fungo bats are longer and thinner than a regular bat. Fungo bats also weigh a lot less then a normal bat, making it ideal and even easier for hitting fly balls or ground balls. The configuration of the bat allows coaches to better place the ball exactly where they want their defense to field it.  The fungo bat is not ideal against use against an actual pitcher in a game, as it would shatter.


Who uses it and who shouldn’t?

Coaches are the majority of people who use this kind of bat. You may see some kids try and use it, and have even come up with games such as “fungo golf”, all surrounding the unique shape of the bat. But, it’s used by mostly coaches, as the bat allows them to swing easier, and more accurately which will effectively allow them to hit hard ground  balls to any place in the infield or to launch fly balls out to the deep part of the field for the outfield to try and track down. 


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