Baseball is a sport found in many family homes. Whether that is on the TV or actually played in some shape or form. Growing up around any sport can really influence the way in which someone grows up or even just the way they think. I can say from personal growth in life the game of baseball has made me grow up to the person I am today. 

Denver Tiger Ball

Throughout my life baseball has been a contributing factor in many ways, ways that have changed both the way I look at sports as well as the way I even look at life. My father has been a baseball player since his early ages, he loves the game, he even went into college ball on the Metro State College Baseball team as a walk on. He has taught me almost everything I know about baseball. My father plays in a men’s baseball league now, The Denver Tigers,  in his late 40s because of the long lasting love for this game that he does not know how to quit. With that said he has been in this league for some years now meaning I have been around this team since I was in the womb. These men and their families are still connected to this day with the game of baseball. 

Growing up around the game

As a kid growing up I used to always find myself at the fields with my family watching a baseball game. Being at the fields with my mom and sister watching my dad play with the Denver Tigers has created a core memory throughout my life. Seeing all these men and their families connect solely because of the game of baseball was not only fun but also beautiful in a way that there’s always gonna be this sort of family that is connected because of baseball. Playing in the dirt or running the bases with the kids after each game all the way to growing now seeing those same kids, now men, I used to play with on that same field but actually playing with the team. The sense that baseball has always been in my life I have grown to have a connection to it. I’ve grown to love what the game is, whether it’s the majors, the minors, D1, junior college, high school, little league, etc. I’ve been around it all, I’ve seen the ups and downs of the game. Baseball is not just a sport to me, it’s something that made me. I never played baseball personally but the idea of growing up around it has made me have a sort of love towards  it. I played softball throughout my grade school years, but later on I moved on from softball to a different sport, not because I didn’t enjoy what the game was as a whole but for my own personal reason of not enjoying being a player of the game anymore in the sense of being put on the field. Even when I quit playing it never changed my thoughts on what the game was and what it did. Playing softball taught me discipline, competition, and what it meant to be a part of a team and something important. Those are all things that I carried on to other things I did in my life in my new sport, school, and many other things ona day to day basis. Softball and Baseball brings people together by doing something or watching something you enjoy. From the womb to today baseball has been around my life, and with that it will forever be something that I know and love.

Written by Samantha Espinoza