Fall is here! And winter is right around the corner! The colder weather and shorter days can make it more difficult to get your workout in. The weather might wreak havoc on your planned outdoor workouts which may modify your indoor workouts.

The key is staying creative and flexible. Here in Colorado, the weather could be 75 degrees one day and 32 degrees the next. At the end of the day, you need to feel good about your off-season workout.

G2G continues to coach on and off the field while our facility is being built. This past weekend we were able to be creative and luckily got our outdoor workout in before the weather changed.

Don’t let the weather stop you from training!

And you can’t beat it when you get responses like this from Ethan’s dad, “Coach Z, just wanted to let you know Ethan was super excited about yesterday and thought you were awesome! He can’t wait for next time.” Our goal is to always have satisfied parents and players, so that it is truly nice to hear.

So, whether you have to workout at home or inside a facility due to the weather, just keep your mind open and get creative with your approach. There are a ton of drills that can give you the same workout to progress your game forward, “weather” you’re inside or out.

If you want some inside workout ideas, we can always help out. 😉

Stay warm, stay motivated and be creative this off-season. Follow us for more updates and Tips & Tricks.