A passion play is becoming even more real

Deep in the internal workings of making a passion play a reality, there have been a ton of ups and downs so far. I get so excited about the progress made — and the same day, I get frustrated with the process. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions… friends and family tell me that it will be ok…and I know it will, but it’s not easy making your dream a reality. If it was, everyone would do it. 😉

Making a dream come true is all about managing the moment, staying true to the vision and enjoying the journey. There are a ton of moving pieces that need to work together to make your concept not just a concept, but a reality. If I were to give anyone a bit of advice at this stage in the journey, it is to try (optimal word here) to appreciate the steps along the journey. Try to reflect on the learnings and personal experiences versus the frustrating moments of miscommunication, or how long things take, or how much more money things cost than you anticipated.

Take a moment each night to reflect on the journey. As in my case, the facility is progressing on schedule and I’m working with a lot of great people that want to help make this a reality.

Speaking of facility, let me give you an update on how things have been going:

  • It has been a big week for G2G as we have our blueprints and turned them into the city…let the permitting process begin! This is a big step in making this dream a reality — no more “back of the napkin drawings” and only hoping that the building will be ready at some point. We are well on our way!
  • It would be remiss of me to not recognize my friends and family that have donated a lot of their time and expertise to helping make my dream a reality. I truly appreciate them all.
  • Our architect (a shout out to Design Studios) is doing a great job staying on time and on budget and an even better job of dealing with me. I have asked and will continue to ask a lot of questions to better understand the process.
  • We are fortunate to be working with contractors that not just see what we are trying to build in terms of the building, but really understand our vision of G2G and truly want to help us make it happen.
  • We are hopeful that we will be ready to break ground next week. More to come!
  • Tips & Tricks is progressing nicely. We are enjoying the amazing conversations we are having with parents and players as we continue to help them both in-person and virtually. And everyone is very excited for the facility to open! Even though your Fall seasons are finishing up, there are a few ways you can still keep the momentum going through the winter months and Tips & Tricks can help.
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